My Dad, Photographer and Artist

The picture that this lovely lady is holding is a photograph taken by my father, Lynn G. Fayman. It was taken approximately fifty years ago, although the print is new.

The reason she’s holding the picture is because she works at the Museum of Photographic Art in Balboa Park. All of my dad’s work is now a part of their permanent collection and she’s one of the dedicated staff there that’s working on restoring and preserving his work. And now a show of his work will open at MOPA in February.

My dad was a pretty-well known abstract photographer in his time, with shows at several major institutions, and a couple of films entered in the Cannes film festival. He loved working with light and many of his photographs are just that – abstract photographs of arranged light. It was pretty radical stuff for the 50’s and 60’s.

He also created the photographic illustrations for three children’s books written by Dr. Seuss’s first wife, Helen Palmer. The books are out of print now, but you can still find them sometimes on eBay – I Was Kissed By a Seal at the Zoo, Do You Know What I’m Going to Do Next Saturday, and How I Built the Boogle House. Several of my siblings and I have guest appearances in the books.

My dad died when I was ten, so I didn’t get to know him very well. For the short time I got to be with him, he was an awesome dad, full of life, generous and loving. I have only good memories. His photographic work has always been one of the things I could hold onto as part of those memories. My dad was a talented artist. His work’s at MOPA now, where it belongs.

My Mom’s still around. She turned 94 this year. She’s pretty amazing too, but that’s another blog post, perhaps several. Suffice to say, I really scored in the parent department.

P.S. My younger brother is a photographer now, too. He’s got his own kind of abstract style. You can see some of his photos here.

9 Comments on “My Dad, Photographer and Artist

  1. My father and I worked as landscaper back in the 60’s for your family in La Jolla Ca.. He was very kind and generous to my father and his boys.
    I was a young boy of 10 of ten and would sometimes go to work with my father.
    I remember your large beautiful family home with the swimming pool in the shape of an F.

  2. Aloha Robert. Thanks for your note. I remember your father, as well. He was a great guy.

  3. I just ordered Do You Know What I’m Going to Do Next Saturday online. It was one of my favorites as a youngster (born in ’64), and I’m anxious to thumb through the pages once again. The book gave me a special inspiration to be adventuresome and independent, and I’m proud to say I still maintain those qualities today with nary regret.

    It is a great work by all, and I’m happy to know I’ve written to Mr. Fayman’s son. Wishing you well, Billy

  4. Corey –
    I grew up in a Boogle House started by my dad in the early 70’s, with ducks and chickens and cows milling about. I finally hung the last of the sheetrock while finishing the Master Bath for my folks who are in their mid-80’s now. “How I built the Boogle house” was an all time favorite of mine growing up. Enough so that I got a degree in construction management and have built about 1000 “Boogle” homes, and proudly own a 1937/58/86/13 Boogle home of my own. I’ve always aspired to be that kid in the lawn chair. Maybe some day I’ll be done!

  5. Thanks Jeff. That’s great to hear. I wonder how many other Boogle houses are out there.

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