I’ve written and recorded a fair number of songs over the years, both on my own and with various bands. There’s a wide range of stuff here, from 80s power pop to New York loft minimalism to big commercial rock. Also available on Apple Music and Spotify if you want to add any of it to your personal playlists.

Favored Nations

I recently put together a home studio and started writing and recording songs again. You’ll find my newest efforts below. It’s a random mix of styles, whatever catches my fancy.

Bad Dog

A late 1980s, early 1990s band. That’s me on the left, my brother on the right. Bad Dog played album-oriented rock with Americana and funk flavorings. My most commercially viable songwriting and band.

Tides of the Heart

Early 1980s. Me alone in my bedroom with a four-track Tascam cassette recorder. These songs are all part of a theatrical piece I wrote, Tides of the Heart. Minimalist, droning synthesizer rhythms under spoken-word lyrics (with an occasional bit of singing). Laurie Anderson meets Leonard Cohen meets Philip Glass meets Brian Eno.

The P-15s

Power Pop from the late 1970s – early 1980s. From my years in Los Angeles, playing clubs alongside bands like The Go-Gos, the Blasters, X and Oingo Boingo.