Charros near the Old Bullring in Tijuana (?)

Update: Thank you to reader Joe C., who recognized this photograph and provided me with the following information.

Your photo of TJ charros, was not taken at the bullring by the sea. The charro on the far right is Antonio Escobedo Jr. He had a Lienzo charro (bullring)in his ranch in TJ. His father, Antonio Escobedo Sr. is known as the man who in the 1920s brought la charreria (Mexican rodeo) to TJ. His father built the first lienzo charro (bull ring, toreo, is for bullfights.) in TJ.

Have a look at this photo I came across recently. Anybody know or recognize anything about it?

I found this in a large collection of old photographs from the San Diego area. The writing on the back credits the photographer as Bill Reid and simply says “Charros.” Other than that I know nothing about the photo, except I’m pretty sure it was taken somewhere near the San Diego/Tijuana border. There’s no date, though I’m guessing 1960’s, perhaps early 70’s.

The slope of the land up to the bullring suggests it might be the area near Border Field Park where many of the chapters in Border Field Blues take place, but it doesn’t look exactly the same. I may have to do a little research.

Below is a current photo of the area near the bullring-by-the-sea, from the USA side of the border. If it’s the same area, things have certainly changed.

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