A Song called Someday

What’s the easiest way to make one of your old songs a big hit?

Make it a fictional hit.

That’s what I’ve done in the new Rolly Waters mystery, Gillespie Field Groove, in which the fictional country-pop star Ruby Dean gets her big break in the music business with a song titled Someday. The song is a real one from my back catalog and you can listen to it below.

This version was recorded by my band Bad Dog (1988 – 1994) and it’s a bit different from anything else on our records. First off, it’s a torch song, which is a bit of a departure for me songwriting-wise. It’s also one of the few Bad Dog songs to feature our female vocalist, Judy Jackson, rather than my brother Bruce, who handled most of the lead vocals for the band.

I think it holds up pretty well and could definitely been a hit, for Bad Dog or Ruby Dean. What do you think?

Someday is included on the Best of Bad Dog (Remastered 2022), available on Apple Music or Spotify

7 Comments on “A Song called Someday

  1. definitely a hit — definitely – holds up very well — wow!

  2. I was just about to e mail you to ask if the lyrics in your new book were a Bad Dog song from long ago! I was reading an advance copy when Judy’s voice started rocking through my head, though she was belting a different Bad Dog song (apparently one I remembered better – Odd how memory works) What a kick!

  3. Judy had one other song on the record. Tears of Joy. It was good too.

  4. Some remastering helps it sound fresh, but yeah, definitely a hit 🙂

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