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On Accidental Themes and Endangered Birds

If you’ve read Border Field Blues, you’ll no doubt remember that Rolly’s case starts when his friend Max Gemeinhardt, an avid bird-watcher, calls Rolly down to Border Field Park to investigate the damage some cretin has done to the… Read More

Guitar Players and Private Dicks: 10 Traits in Common

I write mystery novels that feature a private investigator named Rolly Waters. He’s also a guitar player – a very good guitar player, but not a particularly successful one. That’s why he has a day job as a… Read More

Free Sample – Border Field Blues Extras Edition

Just out today, a three-chapter sample of the Extras Edition of Border Field Blues for iPad. It’s like a book and an app all rolled into one! This is something I’ve been working on for awhile, starting with… Read More

The Border Field Blues Companion – Original First Chapter

The first chapter is important to any book, but especially a mystery novel, right? It needs to be a royal tingler. This first chapter didn’t exist until several drafts of Border Field Blues had been completed. My original… Read More

Charros near the Old Bullring in Tijuana (?)

Update: Thank you to reader Joe C., who recognized this photograph and provided me with the following information. Your photo of TJ charros, was not taken at the bullring by the sea. The charro on the far right… Read More