Clear the Shelves

This Giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who signed up. We raised $940 for the CDP Covid 19 Response Fund.

64 books gone so far. $640 donated to the COVID-19 Response Fund

Here’s the deal. I’m stuck at home. You’re stuck at home. As I sit here wondering what to do (other than writing more books), I’m also looking at a bunch of old, odd editions of my previous books that stare down at me accusingly from the upper reaches of my office bookcase. I need to get rid of them. And now I’ve got a plan. But I need you. Here’s how it works:

  • You fill out the form below
  • I’ll sign a copy of the book you’ve selected
  • I’ll send the book to you (free shipping!)
  • I’ll donate $10 to the  CDP COVID-19 Response Fund
  • I’ll post a thank you note to you on my Facebook page

I estimate I’ve got 100 or so of these books sitting around. Some are Advance Reader copies. Some are older editions. Some have artwork or copyediting errors that had to be corrected. But all of them are highly readable and have essentially the same content as newer editions. Help me and help those affected by this pandemic by signing up for your free book below. Only available for addresses in the U.S.A.