September Book Giveaway

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Continuing with my monthly giveaway for readers and fans, I’ve got some new old books to share from my overstuffed library shelves. Instead of giving these away to Goodwill, I’d like to share them with one lucky winner from my mailing list.

This month’s giveaway is about dolphins. That’s right – dolphins. If you’ve read the most recent Rolly Waters Mystery, Ballast Point Breakdown, you’ll know that highly trained dolphins are an integral part of the plot. Much of the information I use in the book came from interviews with a professional dolphin trainer but I also did some reading beforehand. Voices of the Ocean by Susan Casey takes a personal and speculative approach while Are Dolphins Really Smart? by Justin Gregg aims for a “just the facts” based analysis. Both are worth a read if you’re into such things, which I apparently was at the time. Winner will also receive a signed copy of Ballast Point Breakdown.

If you’re interested, send a message via the form below. Fifth reader to respond wins. Two other randomly selected readers will win a signed copy of Ballast Point Breakdown. Please note I can only send to mailing addresses in the United States.