Robbie & Levon Book Giveaway

Sorry. This prize has already been claimed. There’ll be another book giveaway soon.

I’m running short of shelf space again. i need to get rid of some books. Instead of giving them away to Goodwill or some such thing, I’d like to share them with my readers and fans. Here’s a great pair of bios I’m giving away to the first reader who tells me they’re interested–Robbie Robertson’s autobiography Testimony and Levon:From Down in the Delta to the Birth of THE BAND and Beyond by Sandra B. Tooze. These are both hardbacks, still in near mint collection.

I’ll presume that anyone interested in these books already knows The Band and its two most important members. Both Helm, the son of impoverished cotton farmers in Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, and Robertson, the only child of a single mom raised on the Six Nations Reserve near Toronto, Canada, have remarkable stories to tell. As musical biographies go, these are both top notch.

If you’re interested, send me a message via the form below. First reader to respond wins. I can only send to a mailing address in the United States.