October Book Giveaway

This contest has ended.

I’m going to call this month’s book giveaway Beginnings. It includes two books on the the early history of rock and roll music, as well as a copy of my first Rolly Waters novel, Black’s Beach Shuffle.

Good Rockin’ Tonight is a profusely illustrated history of Sun Records, the seminal recording studio where Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and any number of lesser-known but vital performers got their start. Nick Tosches’ unsung heroes of rock’n’roll provides a fun and fascinating history of pre-Elvis performers who contributed to the development of rock and roll as a musical form. Tosches’ writing is always energetic and entertaining as he rescues lesser known artists like Wanda Jackson, Wynonie Harris and Roy Brown from obscurity and notes their contributions (Brown wrote the song Good Rockin’ Tonight and Harris recored the most successful version of it before Elvis). The winner will also receive a signed copy of Black’s Beach Shuffle.

Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries received by 12:00 midnight, Saturday, October 23, 2022. Two other randomly selected readers will win a signed copy of Black’s Beach Shuffle. Please note I can only send to mailing addresses in the United States.