Meet the Cast & Crew

One of the more enjoyable parts of the Desert City Diva Podcast production was the live recording where got to put it all together with our cast. Four actors played a total of ten different characters for the production. We had a blast! Here’s some photographs from the session.

Dino deLucy Recording Studio
Inside the studio. L – R Nancy, Corey, Maria and Steve share a laugh
Kevin Hafso-Koppman plays Rolly Waters
Kevin Hafso-Koppman expresses his chill, inner gumshoe as Rolly Waters
Kyrsten Hafso-Koppman brings the proper level of sass as Macy Starr
Nancy Snow Carr as Kinnie, Dotty and Norwood
Nancy Snow Carr channels the woo-woo as Yoovits guru Dotty
Robert Drake puts on his mean face for bad guy Parnell Gibbons
Steve Cotter, owner and producer at Dino deLucy Studios
Our producer Steve Cotter keeps an eye on the recording levels
Corey Fayman and Maria Carrera
Corey and Maria give notes (or try to figure out where they are in the script)

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Cast News:

A round table discussion with Corey, Maria, Kevin and Kyrsten is now available on the podcast website

Nancy Snow Carr will be appearing in Alice! at Lamb’s Players Theatre February 29 – April 12, 2020.