March Book Giveaway

This contest has ended

A key part of the plot of my new Rolly Waters mystery, Gillespie Field Groove, involves Rolly’s search for a Fender Stratocaster rumored to have once been owned by Jimi Hendrix. So for this month’s giveaway, we’ve got a specially-themed grand prize, a paperback copy of Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars. As the title and subtitle indicate, this is a serious guide for identifying that old guitar Uncle Bob left in the attic. You won’t need the Antiques Roadshow to tell you what it is when you’ve got this book.

Along with your copy of the guitar book, you’ll receive a newly signed copy of Gillespie Field Groove.

Five runner-ups will receive signed editions of advance “Not for Resale” editions of Gillespie Field Groove. These were test printings have alternate covers. Some may still have a few, minor, copywriting errors.

The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries received by 12:00 midnight, Sunday, March 19, 2023.
Note: Winning entry can only be sent to USA mailing addresses.