June Giveaway

This contest has ended.

Congratulations to the winners—SC, TD and KS

This month’s giveaway theme is rock and roll excess. First up is What You Want is in the Limo, author Michael Walker’s tales of 1973 concert tours by Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and The Who, when ’60s rock ’n’ roll gave way to the arena rock excesses of the 1970s. Anything for a Hit by Dorothy Carvello is a personal memoir of the record business, focusing on the power grabs, petty politics, and pure misogyny that went on behind the scenes and makes rock stars look like choir boys compared to record executives. Also included is a signed copy of my second Rolly Waters novel, Border Field Blues.

First place winner will receive all three books. Two runner-ups will receive a signed copy of Border Field Blues. As always, I can only send to addresses in the United States. Contest ends at midnight, Sunday, June 19.