Below, you can download the first three chapters from my books. There’s mobi, epub, and pdf versions.

Border Field Blues
Black’s Beach Shuffle

A three-chapter sample of the interactive version of Border Field Blues is available from the iTunes store You’ll need an iPad for this one.


Jungle Love is featured in Border Field Blues. You can read the whole backstory here.

At the end of the Wake-Up Call chapter in Black’s Beach Shuffle, Rolly gets his guitar out and sings a few lines from Hercules The version below is from the last recording session with my last band, Bad Dog. We were a really good band there, by the end.

Rolly sits down and starts playing Maybe It’s Too Late as he ponders how he’ll confront King Gibson about Gibson’s real identity. The song is from the first “real studio” recording session with my pop/new wave band, The P-15s, in Los Angeles, circa 1980. That’s me singing, and I think all will agree, it was a good idea to get other people to sing my songs. The band sounds good though and there’s some interesting chord changes.

Rolly repeats the chorus line from New Machine as he’s trying out some chord changes at the end of the Body Moves chapter. Rolly uses his guitar for contemplation, meditation, whatever you want to call it. I don’t have a full recording of this song. The one below is from a rehearsal session with the middle-years version of Bad Dog. We never quite figured this song out. And I never wrote a bridge. Maybe I’ll get back to it someday. I still think it has possibilities.

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