Listen Up – July 2023

Records I’ve listened to to more than once this month. That’s saying something.

Ian Hunter’s always been one of my favorite rock’n’roll singer/songwriters, both with Mott the Hoople, and on his solo records. Can he still rock at 83? You bet he can, with a little help from his friends, including Ringo, Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck, Mike Campbell, Taylor Hawkins and a whole host of others. Defiance indeed.

Available on Apple Music, Spotify and on CD/Vinyl.

Staying buoyant above a sea of troubles, this folk-country-pop record highlights Jenny Lewis’ supple voice and bright instrumental arrangements with songs that float along like gin and lemonade on a summer evening. And just try to resist the charm of putting your troubles in proper perspective with “Puppy and a Truck.”

Available on Apple Music, Spotify and on CD/Vinyl.

This one’s a bit different. Recorded at The Tank Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, CO, this recording takes full advantage of The Tank’s remarkable reverberation effects. It is exactly what it says it is—Beethoven’s String Quartet Number 14 in C-sharp minor, Opus 131 played slowly (a 7 minute piece stretched to 45 minutes) by a virtuoso quartet led by Jeffrey Zeigler. The effect is a remarkably rich, contemplative and meditative piece. Available on Apple Music, Spotify, and BandCamp.