Captain Money Book Giveaway

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It’s been thirty-seven years since J. David Dominelli was arrested by US Marshals in Antigua. For San Diegans of a certain age, that name brings up memories of one of San Diego’s most notorious white-collar criminals. He was our Bernie Madoff, before Bernie Madoff. Dominelli and his companion, Nancy Hoover, bilked local investors out of $80 million dollars (worth $250 million today). Mayor Roger Hedgecock was convicted of conspiracy and perjury for contributions he received from Dominelli, resigned from office, and traded in his moderate politics for right-wing radio rage (his convictions were eventually overturned).

It was a classic Ponzi scheme. A large number of wealthy San Diegans fell for the trick, leading to a lot of public hand-wringing about our bumpkin gullibility and lack of sophistication. America’s Finest City looked like America’s dumbest.

All of that is captured in Don Bauder’s Captain Money and the Golden Girl, the definitive chronicle of the J. David fiasco. It’s a compelling read for folks interested in this piece of San Diego history or anyone fascinated by true life tales of high-end grifters. I read it as part of my research for writing my first Rolly Waters novel, Black’s Beach Shuffle.

So for this month’s giveaway, I’m giving away my copy of Captain Money along with a signed copy of Black’s Beach Shuffle. Third reader to enter below wins them both. The first five other entrants will receive a paperback copy of Black’s Beach Shuffle.