Gillespie Field Groove

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When nurse and fledgling pilot Lucinda Rhodes hires guitar-playing private detective Rolly Waters to track down a Stratocaster guitar owned by her deceased father, Rolly is thrilled to take on her case, especially when he learns the guitar’s original owner may have been Jimi Hendrix. But Gerry Rhodes’s reckless personal history leads to more questions than Rolly and Lucinda have bargained for, as an aging rock’n’roll impresario, his trophy wife, a Russian gangster and the FBI get involved. When a forty-year-old shooting accident reveals a surprising connection to a pop star’s hit record, Rolly sees darker forces at work. And his and Lucinda’s lives hang in the balance.

Finalist – Thriller Crime


This smart, exciting mystery about a missing guitar plunges into dark truths of the music industry. Lovers of a good mystery story and music will enjoy this book which is as musically educational as it is thrilling.
Booklife (Editor’s Pick)

Gillespie Field Groove hits all the right notes. Music fans and general mystery readers alike will enjoy this story’s irresistible beat.
Blue Ink Review (Starred Review)

Not only is the storyline incredibly detailed, but it’s also layered in such a way that each chapter brings an entirely new perspective on the story that is both unexpected and somehow completely logical in the context of each character’s motivations. Add to that the fact that Rolly is such a genuinely likable character instead of the usual gruff sleuth with a dark past and you’ve got a fabulous weekend read.
San Diego Book Review (5/5 Stars)

With both creativity and flair, Fayman weaves a tale that is both thrilling and unexpected.

An excellent novel that highlights Fayman’s continued excellence.
San Francisco Book Review

Silver Medal – Global Book Awards

Exciting, compelling, suspenseful, and reflective of the realities of the music industry and San Diego culture, Gillespie Field Groove is a thrilling mystery novel in which a man seeks to right the wrongs committed by greedy executives.
Clarion Reviews

Advance Praise for Gillespie Field Groove

GILLESPIE FIELD GROOVE is a gripping mystery and a captivating ride through rock and roll history and San Diego’s music scene. It’s so authentic you can practically hear the fuzz and crunch of Jimi’s Stratocaster coming off the page.
Matthew Quirk, New York Times-bestselling author of RED WARNING and THE NIGHT AGENT (now a Netflix series)

Rolly Waters is back with a ripped-from-the headlines thriller custom made for music-lovers. Hired to hunt down a missing Fender Strat that may have belonged to Jimi Hendrix, Waters uncovers a series of intertwined mysteries with more twists than a crate full of guitar cables. Gillespie Field Groove is an uptempo page turner that shines a spotlight on the music industry’s darkest corners.

Carefully crafted characters. Twists and revelations. Music and murder. A PI who plays guitar or a guitar player who dallies in detecting? Even Rolly Waters isn’t sure. Whichever it is, Corey Lynn Fayman’s latest gives you a real insight into what it means to be both. Like Don Quixote wielding a guitar instead of a sword. Awesome.
Pamela Cowan, author of COLD KILL

GILLESPIE FIELD GROOVE is like an easter egg hunt filled with suspense and intrigue that also gives readers a straightforward look into the life of a working musician. I love this series.

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